Collaborative performance
by Ashmina Ranjit (NP), Monali Meher(IN-NL), Alice Fox (GB), Ryan Elisabeth Reid (USA), Marie Julia Bollansée (B)
at Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal
on April, 1 2017 from 4.30pm until 5.30pm

Lasanaa/ NexUs culture Nepal, production
Lisa Gupta, Basanta Chhipaa and many volunteers, logistics
Mondriaan Foundation, Fulbright Nepal, University of Brighton, supporting
Thanks to: Amuse production Kathmandu, Kathmandu Triennale
Thanks to all of you for walking with us, with milk
We are deeply grateful to Ashmina’s Grandmother, for inspiring us

by Marie Julia Bollansée © 2017
Ishan Shrestha, Sheshank Shrestha, Basanta Chhipaa, Angela Manandhar, camera

During a residency at Lasanaa in Kathmandu (Nepal), the five female artists conversed on their wanderings through the city . Out of these conversations the performance came into being, each artist contributing from her own point of view and from her own biographical and cultural baggage. They found a common line on which they created the performance, kind of an essential concern they want to speak about in their performance-work.
It is about taking care for the people and the earth, about tenderness in our relations with each other,  about being aware and being awake.
They choose ‘milk’ to perform with, milk being the most primary and basic nutrition for human beings. They carefully carry the milk in top-filled glass bowls through the streets of Kathmandu, passing by the house of the Kumari, along the zone where the big earthquake of 2015 demolished so many houses and temples.
They walk together, side by side, thus forming a ‘wall of women’. They also filled bowls with milk for the audience, so everyone present was invited to walk with them.